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Company Overview

Binary Star Systems is a woman owned graphic design, marketing, software development and mobile app development business located in the growing tech center of Bend, Oregon. Binary Star Systems works with entrepreneurs to help them take their businesses to the next level. As a group of consultants who have successfully done this for several businesses, Binary Star Systems provides guidance and actual work in graphic design, software development, content marketing, social media management and much more.

The goal of our work is to take a small to medium business to the next level and help it to grow in a much faster way than they have in the past. Many times this is when a company is looking for outside funding or partnership or is ready to expand greatly in their market. Binary Star Systems can help companies look more professional, stay more focused, and be more in tune with their target market.

Binary Star Systems also focuses on creating the next generation of mobile apps. People spend most of their time looking down at their mobile devices and are completely separated from their current environment and the people around them. Binary Star Systems sees a different type of mobile app which will help people engage with their friends and family, especially when they are in the same room. We call these Experiential Apps. They are different because one or more users in a group can use them to help create a long term memory of their current activity in a collaborative way. They won’t just take a series of photos or type in a status; they will work together to create something that they can look at together later in their lives and remember what happened at this place and time. These experiences are about making memories.

Tempe Center for the Arts
The Bump
Phoenix Coyotes Charities
Mayo Clinic


Company History

Binary Star Systems started in 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona as Star Dot Star, LLC. The original company was focused on graphic design and web development with a variety of clients including Jordin Sparks, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix Coyotes Charities, Tempe Center for the Arts & My Local Pregnancy (now The Bump).

In 2010 Star Dot Star was approached by long-time client Champion Medical Technologies to join their company to take their small tissue tracking business to a corporation with venture capital funding and a wider market reach. From 2010 to mid 2014 the members of Star Dot Star worked as employees for Champion Medical Technologies but continued Star Dot Star by working with a few select clients on small projects.

In mid 2014 Star Dot Star owners Lisa and Jim Sipe left their full time employment with Champion Medical Technologies to focus on their own business again. Since their hiatus from Star Dot Star they developed a wider range of skills and a catalog of ideas for mobile apps. Both owners felt like their focus was different and wanted this second adventure to feel new and not tied to Star Dot Star’s past so they changed the name of the company to Binary Star Systems.

Binary Star Systems started its life in 2003 when Lisa Sipe and Jim Sipe decided to strike out on their own and create a company that leveraged their combined skills of graphic design and software development. At that time it was known as Star Dot Star. Star Dot Star represented that we could do anything. If you are familiar with searches in many popular programs you will know that searching for *.* means search for basically anything that contains a dot. It signified also that there were two of us that made up the initial company. So we went into this new company knowing that our two skills sets could be used at many different companies in many different ways. We could do website design and development, logo design, custom software development, basic IT services, and much more.

In 2014, Lisa and Jim, decided to re-invent Star Dot Star as Binary Star Systems. This was because of several reasons but largely because we had moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Bend, Oregon and started a new chapter in our professional careers. We realized that we can offer so much more than just the smaller, piecemeal services. Together we had taken several companies from looking and functioning like smaller mom and pop shops to appearing very professional and operating like more serious contenders in their particular markets. This ability for us to help see a company from a strategic and high level all the way down to a more atomic level with the day to day work and processes helped us to understand what it takes to help companies reach their goals and full potential.

At Binary Star Systems we offer this to other companies in the form of a consultancy that will not only help determine what needs to be done but also get those things done. In the end it will be an end to end solution for any company looking to take their vision, products and services to the next level.

Awards & Publications

The Communicator Awards

2009 Award of Distinction
“Transformation from Tragedy” Book


Gold Hermes Creative Award

2008 Creative Award
“Transformation from Tragedy” Book


The Communicator Awards

2006 Award of Distinction
Mayo Clinic Humanities in Medicine Calendar


LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 4

3000 Type and Calligraphy Logos
Rockport Publishers

LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 3

3000 Shapes and Symbols Logos
Rockport Publishers


Meet the Team

Lisa Sipe

Lisa Sipe

Design / CEO / Co-Founder

Lisa is a creative marketer and graphic designer who works with passionate entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level through marketing and branding. She has over 16 years of experience at applying strong design skills to marketing projects to take them from start to finish while meeting deadlines and staying on budget. She is a design and marketing powerhouse with core competencies including: Branding, Website Design & Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & PR.

Jim Sipe

Jim Sipe

Engineering / Co-Founder

Jim is a software developer who uses technology to solve the tough problems businesses often face. With more than 15 years of experience Jim helps craft a way to use technology to make business processes faster, easier, more efficient and more productive. He uses a combination of existing software applications and custom application development to create effective solutions. Jim has strong leadership skills and the ability to understand businesses strategically so he can translate the big picture into a plan with executable tasks.

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