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If you’ve ever watched cooking competitions on TV
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What is Foodfu?

FoodFu is an experiential game that allows users to have their own cooking competitions at home. It brings the fun and excitement from shows like Top Chef and Chopped while allowing anyone to participate. To play FoodFu, you need a kitchen and at least four people to divide into two chefs, two judges and one moderator (who can also be a judge). After choosing an ingredient, like carrots or bacon, the chefs have 45 minutes to prepare a dish. During the 45 minutes the moderator interviews the chefs and judges with prompted questions from FoodFu. When time is up the judges get to taste the dishes and rate the chefs based on plating, taste and creativity. FoodFu tallies the results and announces the winner. What happens through the use of the app is that participants get to interact with each other while playing a game creating their own dinner theatre and memories at home.

The FoodFu mobile iOS app is available in the iTunes store.

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